Music Production Studio

Pom Oak Productions is a full-service Music Production Company located in Pequannock Township that specializes in various areas including but not limited to television, commercial, personal, and film. We’re your one stop music and audio production enterprise, operating with some of the best and latest technology, and always aiming to provide the highest level of recording service in whichever capacity you require. We also offer online courses/musical lessons



Artists currently on the Pom Oak Productions "roster"

🎤 #fromthewombtothetomb

Pom Oak was started by Sean Brody in 2015 and began as a pop rock project, with a sound that has been described by some as "anthemic". After touring and releasing two albums titled, The Weekenders and Conditions of Optimism, Sean has been producing under the name Pom Oak. 


Brother Jai began in 2017 , though the seeds of the project had been planted and growing long before. The project in the form of artist Jai, of Brother Jerome, creating demos with his looper pedal; often with influences of reggae, hip hop, and pop, accompanied by memorable and catchy lyrics meant to soothe the soul. Jai teamed up with long time friend Sean Brody of Pom Oak to create his debut solo album titled Better World

Bulgarian Alternative-Pop Artists & American transplant, Liam Metin, has been performing on stage since he was a child. In 2018 he decided to take that experience into the recording studio and cut his first album. The album is in the last stages of production and Liam is preparing to tour in late 2022!