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Parent of Student

Sean with Pom Oak works with my 3rd grade son on piano skills. His energy is enthusiastic yet disciplined within the craft. He knows what to say to keep a child’s attention, and he made my son feel inspired and confident. He also has experience in other instruments including voice which we are excited to already have that connection should my son want to pursue more. Highly recommend


Parent of Student

Though he's only been working with Sean for a few weeks, it's been a really good start for my 12-year-old. He has learned a great deal about how pop music 'works' - scales and chords and how sounds work together. My son came in with software-based beatmaking experience, and I'm optimistic that he'll learn composition and dig into a greater variety of music through these lessons.




I took a handful of lessons with Sean and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He provides an arial view of his hands and I could still see his face, as well as hear him clearly. Not only was his tech great but he is also extremely insightful and knowledgeable about the piano. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a piano teacher.



Parent of Student

Sean is super! My 6 yr old looks forward to the lessons every week.


Music News & Reviews

Sean is a real master of voice and keyboard. I teach sax and flute so I recognize a great teacher when I see one. He breaks down what you want to do into small doable steps. Thanks a bunch.



Your Trusted Musical Guide

Sean is a very professional and patient teacher. I have a certain foundation in classical pianoand have always wanted to learn pop and jazz piano, but I don't know where to start. I am very happy to find Sean to be my piano teacher. I learned a lot of the basic music theory of popular piano from him, and I can quickly learn to play some popular songs. Sean is always happy to answer my questions and will adjust the course speed according to my understanding. If you want to find a pop pianoteacher like me, Sean is definitely a great choice!



10/10 would recommend!! Recorded a song a couple months back and I have nothing but great things to say!! The atmosphere is amazing and when I took lessons, I was more than satisfied!! I learned so much and I will never forget it!! Much love!!




I loved recording with Sean at his studio. He is talented, cares about my music like it is his own, and really gives more than 100% every time. Booking was simple and straight forwards, working with Grace was great and she connected me with Sean immediately for any technical questions. Pricing was on point and it was worth every penny. Can't wait to work with both of them again!




Sean is a musical genius extremely talented producing instrumentals, mixing etc... I would highly recommend him to any any all persons seeking someone who is serious about a musical career of any sort.. easy to talk to professional and driven dont sell yourself short Sean is worth every penny



Theyre friendly, professional, and very talented at what they do. Sean made me a few beats and I have been extremely pleased to be working with him. I highly recommend!


Business Owner

I can not say enough positive things about Pom Oak Productions. Theyre a truly wonderful group of people to work with! From our phone call to the moment my client had the finished product, the communication and execution was just flawless. Sean made a jingle for us and knocked it out of the park. He and his team seem to genuinely care about pleasing customers and making the process as enjoyable and effortless as possible. I would recommend them to anybody looking for talented and reliable musicians/producers!



Former Student

"Sean! You are an amazing friend, mentor, teacher, and role model! You have taught me everything that I know and you have always pushed me to do great things with my music. Now, because of you, I am a piano teacher and have 12 students, soon 13. I would have never thought I would get this far until you were my teacher!"



Grammy Award Winning Engineer

"I have worked with Sean and have a solid understanding of his ability and have trusted him on projects I've worked on... I say this as an industry professional and Grammy award winning engineer whom has worked with the likes of some of the top artists in the industry"


Entertainment Management

"I've known Sean for over 5 years...his songwriting, compositions, and performances have that special something that is always difficult to put your finger on when speaking about it but he has that extra something"


Talent Agent

"I personally became a fan of Sean when he was performing in his band circa 2016. I heard their music while I was working as an agent for CEG in NYC.... I knew something was special about them and it was Sean. His songwriting and vocals were something extraordinary"



"Sean is an extremely competent pianist"

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