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Pom Oak was started by singer-songwriter & producer SEAN BRODY at the beginning of 2015, originally under the name "The Weekenders". Immediately upon the release of his debut sIngle, "Save Your Breath", it was signed to CDF records and received airplay on radio stations across Italy & Switzerland. However, members changed and so did the sound. Sean decided to release that new sound under the name POM OAK, meant to pay tribute to the small town he comes from, where the mighty oaks grew in the woods behind his childhood home. The album, titled CONDITIONS OF OPTIMISM, was "written with the hopes that it might help somebody to see their glass as half full in a time when it might feel half empty". Sean is a strong believer in the power of positivity during hard times and wants to share that with others. Since the release of the album, it's been licensed to networks such as MTV, DISCOVERY, FOX Sports, NASCAR, A&E, TLC, NETFLIX, OXYGEN, and E!TV.